Japan and the Kuril Islands Disputes


As I am not a politician, I have refrained, herein, from presenting personal opinion, but my hope is that a conclusion might be drawn from the foregoing analysis. In an ideal world, of course, we would be moving towards joint cooperation, in the hopes of formulating a new paradigm, from which a similarly, new set of values might be forthcoming.*

I would, further, like to propose a laboratory scenario, exploring the relationship between homo sapiens and their environment, and focusing upon the coexistent symbiosis of Russian, Japanese, and indigenous peoples. Finally, utilizing the aforementioned analysis, I would like to propose the joint creation of a sustainable city; a maximally eco-friendly environment, energy efficient, waste managed, and free from reliance upon nuclear power.

For existing examples, I refer to existing special economic zones such as Hong Kong, or the technical zone of the Silicon Valley (U.S.). However, these two environments, founded upon the principles of neoliberalism, are not ‘green’ cities. Alternatively, I wish to present a new type of city, one which is based upon sustainable energy.

As the Japanese occupy the unique position of having been exposed to the devastating effects of radioactivity three times within the last sixty years, it is only natural that such issues would be of paramount concern to us.

9月 9, 2012

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